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Kevin McCrae

Kevin McCrae

Kevin McCrae, even before leaving the Scottish Chamber Orchestra as a cellist later this year, has received his first major commissions as a composer.

He has written an overture, “The Mauchline Belles” to be performed by the Orchestra of Scottish Opera, conducted by Sir Richard Armstrong at Culzean Castle in Ayrshire, Scotland, as part of the “Burns an’ a’ that” festival on June 4th 2004. In addition to that, he has also written his first music for the BBC television programme, “The Beechgrove Garden”, to be broadcast in May 2004.

Kevin, in the past, has also written many short pieces for small ensembles which have been performed on several occasions, notably, “The White Lady” for ‘cello and piano and “Taxi for Sheep” for violin and piano. He has also composed works for piano solo, 12 ‘cellos, and indeed a piece for 100 cellos, “Farewell to Hale-Bopp” which was performed in Edinburgh in May 1998 by all the cellists from the Scottish Chamber Orchestra along with ‘cellists from Edinburgh schools to give the magnificent comet the send off it certainly deserved! Same again perhaps when it next graces our skies in the year 2061?

Kevin is a composer who loves to write music for people’s special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, etc and will provide a piece of music on neat printed score with personal dedication as well as a recording on CD.

What the critics said!

Taxi for Sheep for violin and piano

“ How cool is this?” Taylor Silver - SibeliusMusic.com January 2003
“ Virtuous, funny, witty!” Peter Cernusca - SibeliusMusic.com January 2003
“ Funky stuff” Matt Nicholson - SibeliusMusic.com March 2004
“ Absolutely refreshing!” Joschi Schumann - SibeliusMusic.com March 2004

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