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Kevin McCrae is one of the most sought-after arrangers in Scotland. He has arranged music for the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, the Scottish Ensemble (formerly the BT Scottish Ensemble), BBC Television (Hogmanay live, Songs of Praise, Proms in the Park 2003, the 6 part series Gruth is Uachdar, Celtic Connections 2003 etc), Grampian Television and the Discovery Channel.

He has done work for artists such as Eddi Reader, Dougie MacLean, Karen Matheson, James Grant, Patti Smith, Phil Cunningham, Aly Bain, Brian McNeill, Michael Marra, the comedienne Joan Rivers and the pop group Deacon Blue.

He also orchestrated the score for the Don Coutts film, American Cousins (2003). He can arrange music in any style to suit anyone’s needs.

CDs featuring some of Kevin’s arrangements include

Eddi Reader The Songs of Robert Burns (2003)
Dougie MacLean Dougie MacLean with Strings (2003)
Perthshire Amber (1999)
Karen Matheson Time to fall (2002)
The Dreaming Sea (1996)
James Grant My thrawn Glory (2000)
Sawdust in my Veins (1998)
Deacon Blue Homesick (2001)

What the critics said!

Eddi Reader - The Songs of Robert Burns

“Kevin McCrae’s orchestral arrangements fit Reader’s emotional interpretations like a dream”
BBC Radio 2, July 2003

“Kevin McCrae’s string arrangements also serve to make this an album that impresses with its musicality and charm.”
Classical Music Archives, September 2003

“The orchestra was used to great effect to heighten emotional peaks and Kevin McCrae was as sympathetic a conductor as he is arranger.”
Belfast Telegraph, November 2003

“… McCrae’s subtle arrangements enhancing the songs at every turn,”
Belfast Newsletter, November 2003

Dougie MacLean - Perthshire Amber

“The string writing – expertly scored by Kevin McCrae – ranged across decorative backdrops, bustling counterpoints with the folk instruments and powering the rhythmic engine room of the music”
The Herald, May 1999

James Grant - Sawdust in my veins

“Kevin McCrae’s strings are magnificent!”
Rainsound.net, August 1998

phone: +44 (0) 1875 852813

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